Use of Face Mask are very important to avoid CORONA VIRUS”. Different type of masks are available in the market but it is very difficult to get better mask for your health and ironically, good mask are being sold at medical shops for 200/- to 400/- which is out of the budget of the general public. In such a situation, the initiative has been taken to deliver the mask to the common man at a
“Our aim is to provide VIRUS PROTECTION ESSENTIALS to the COMMON PEOPLE of INDIA at FACTORY PRICE“ It’s not over yet but we can’t hide from virus and harmful germs so to keep yourself and your family safe you should be protected. Now you can keep your family and friends protected at lowest price, visit our SAFETY KIT section and choose kit according to your need and be protected.
The Jingle of our company is ‘Achchi Cheeze, Achche Daam, Ab Desh Ke Naam’. People can buy these essentials at the click of a button and we will supply them these products right at their doorstep. We have named our website “ “, as we want this Corona to run away and let us take a sigh of relief.

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  1. Masks are excellent and of very good quality. Its really good while washing and as mentioned in your specifications so thank you very much

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